About Us

Outdoors Limited has been an importer and supplier of quality outdoor adventure equipment for over 15 years and this includes kayaking, climbing, alpine and tramping equipment and many more...

We are proud to have been in partnership with Double Dutch for 10 years bringing the best European paddles to NZ paddlers.

Please feel free to Contact us for details of other products we can supply.

About Double Dutch

Double Dutch started in 1980 making composite kayaks. In 1981 they were the first to use carbon fibre, epoxy resin, foam core sandwich and vacuum technology to revolutionise the race kayak and paddle market.

Between 1980 and early 2000s, most Olympic and World Championship Slaloms were won using DD kayaks and paddles. This included 5 consecutive World Championships by the legendary Richard Fox.

Double Dutch now focus solely on producing strong, light and durable paddles for polo, whitewater, slalom, sea kayak and dragon boating.