Double Dutch's roots lie in its development and production of ground breaking Slalom paddles and kayaks. After 30 years double Dutch paddles are still the choice of many of the world's best Slalom paddlers.

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Carbon Foam core construction with Kevlar tip.

The slalom kinetic blade was designed by Double Dutch in 1993. The scooped blade provides maximum grip in the water. The kinetic has been the world's most copied blade design.

  • Kinetic Carbon with Carbon shaft - $499
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Carbon Foam core construction With Kevlar tip.

The Slalom Atomic blade was designed by Double Dutch in 2006. We designed this blade not to replace the Kinetic but to add a blade design with a more flat surface for more control when you make a bow rudder stroke. This blade design works especially well with a Power-crank shaft.

  • Atomic Carbon with Carbon shaft - $525
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The newest paddle in the quiver.

Launched onto the market in spring 2013. The Double Dutch 2 PIECE CONCEPT. Integral construction with the only join being in the middle of the shaft for ultimate rigidity.

  • NUTRON Carbon on integral carbon shaft - $599
Sea Kayak
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Our famous touring paddles are very popular around the world. Our Touring paddles are available in different constructions.

  • GULL Glass with carbon shaft - $399
  • Carbon with carbon shaft - $499
Dragon Boat
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Due to our high pressure foam core production system we can make ultra light weight and super strong paddles. The blade is made of 100% carbon + carbon T-grip. NEW is our adjustable T-grip! Only a simple adjustment needed to change the length of your paddle.

  • DRAGON BOAT carbon - $280